Monday, April 23, 2012

While boys were playing baseball, Bailee & Hayden had a picnic! It was such a beautiful day. We did lots of yard work and enjoyed every minute!

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It begins! Opening day of baseball was Saturday. The opening ceremony is always kind of cool. They announce each team and each team member and they run around the bases. Eventually all the teams are lined up around the bases. Both Logan & Zac had games that day too. They both won which is always great! This is a good experience for them. I love to watch them grow! I need to get organized a little because I will be spending a lot of evenings at the ball park!

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring Break 2012

The Feast - a buffet in Green Valley. The boys LOVE a good buffet!

Lunch at The Chicken Shack - seriously yummy chicken strips, fries and FRY SAUCE!!!

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Easter 2012 - pretty low key. The Easter Bunny came, we attended church, & had a great Easter dinner--- oh yeah --- we were in VEGAS baby!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

It's been almost a year since a post. Wow.
Here are the latest family pictures.

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hayden's First Day of School - Perfect


Today was my Hayden's first day of school. He was so excited. He was up early, dressed, shoes on and breakfast eaten. Bailee, Logan and I walked him to school. The PTA sponsored a Cookies and Kleenex event. Everyone had a cookie, got their picture taken and moms who needed one - were handed a Kleenex.
We listened to a story called "The Kissing Hand", we kissed our hand touched our cheeks, said our good byes and then..... I was outa there!
He did raise his hand and asked his teacher, "When will start our perfect day?" When he got home I asked him how it was - his reply, "Perfect."
I sure love Hayden.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We are so easily entertained. Bailee started walking Saturday and Sunday - now we can't get her to stop. She's pretty funny to watch. She can almost keep up with Gretal. Gretal is her dog - Bailee gives Gretal kisses all the time. Probably more than she gives her brothers or her dad. Tonight they were playing tug-of-war. It was pretty darn funny. Here's a sample for you!

First Day of School

In all seriousness, the first day of school is pretty awesome. When I got back from running, the boys were standing out on the corner dressed, breakfast eaten and back packs on - it was 7:15 AM. Oh my goodness. They were almost as excited as I was. Logan is in 2nd grade - hard to believe. Seems like he was just in Kindergarten. Logan has a lot of friends in his class and a super good teacher. At our school - all the teachers are great. Zach is in 5th grade. He's really grown up a lot. He has a lot of friends in his class so he was super excited. Hayden also did his testing with his teacher today - he will start school next Wednesday. He's going to have a great time!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

I have just finished a few posts from the past two weeks. Some have a lot of pictures - be patient and enjoy!

First French Braid

I'm a little tired of the same pony tail or piggy tails that Bailee has been sporting! I decided to try a French braid. She held still the best she could and after Grandpa Crump told me I was pulling to hard (I really didn't realize) this is the result. Not too bad and it has happened again so she is patient with her mom!

Hayden's Prize

We went to the Kane County Fair & Rodeo while we were in Orderville. At the Rodeo they had all the kids 7 and under go into the arena and chase chickens. If you caught one - it was yours!

I wasn't worried - Hayden isn't too fast (I'm not being mean, I know because I'm the mom) and Logan was chasing one poor chicken with fifteen other kids. I saw Hayden running toward the chutes and not wanting to lose him I headed over. As I got closer and guy was helping him with something - I thought "Oh great - he got hurt." Funny I couldn't hear him crying. The man helping him moved and low and behold --- Hayden's holding a huge red chicken. Look at the smile on his face. Priceless. He had this smile the entire night as he sat and held his chicken. We took it back to the trailer and then headed up to see Uncle Dellas. Surely he would have a box or something to contain such a fine prize.

When Uncle Dellas saw it he was quite excited. We hadn't caught a chicken but a fine Rhode Island Red ROOSTER! A rooster was not going home with me - Uncle Dellas said he'd been looking for just such a rooster. He and Hayden struck a deal. Uncle Dellas came out one rooster richer, Hayden came out two bucks richer and I came out with one thing less that poops at my house. Glory be!

Family Reunions

We have so much fun this summer with all of our families! The past two weekends were spent with the Elisons and the Sorensens. We had a great time with both families and we can't wait to see you all again!